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Are NFTs Entering Digital Fitness? 

Written by Ben Camara on 26th April 2022.

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What Is An NFT? 

NFTs have entered the room. Whether you can’t understand the hype or you’re all over the hype, they’re the current hot topic. NFTs are similar to digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium as they are represented as digital assets and operate on a blockchain. NFTs can be sent securely and quickly, and the blockchain ensures that the transaction is fully transparent. But how NFTs differ from digital currencies is that they are completely individual and no two NFTs are the same. 

But how can these digital pieces of art enter the world of digital fitness? Many are skeptical of how these two worlds could collide. But one thing we’ve learnt from the last few years is that industries can change with and adapt to technology very quickly, so exploring these opportunities is essential to stay on top in the industry. 


New Style of Fitness Programmes 

Ever thought of turning your fitness programmes into NFTs? Well maybe you should. You could sell your personalised NFTs to clients and even collect royalties if they sell it. You can be the owner and licenser of your own content without lawyers and complicated contracts, making it easier for you to create and sell content. 


New Style of Rewards 

Everyone loves a reward for reaching their goals. It keeps them motivated and is an essential part of progress. NFTs could be used to motivate clients by being used as a reward. The more they achieve, the bigger their personalized NFT collection will grow. This could be great for maintaining competitiveness within your community through your clients. 


NFTs are a part of the new world that can be used to give your clients a different and unique experience, helping you stand out of the crowd. The opportunities are endless so get creative and start exploring the world of NFTs! 

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