Bug Fixes

  • [RCS-464] – Uploading documents as coach on iPad, app crashes
  • [RCS-514] – Forget Password text is cut off at bottom
  • [RCS-515] – Text Change on Onboarding Screens
  • [RCS-516] – Message Count not correct in Messages
  • [RCS-517] – Crash: 100% Replicated – client – when going back from viewing coach profile
  • [RCS-518] – Client not able to get in session when coach initiated session after the start time and issue with time.
  • [RCS-538] – 1-2-1 session summary duplicates on client app
  • [RCS-542] – User profile image not showing in app
  • [RCS-568] – Subscription payment screen – allows me to submit multiple times before a success message and then sets up multiple subscriptions
  • [RCS-569] – Email Name should be from ‘Remote Coach’ not ‘notification@remotecoach.fit’. See images
  • [RCS-570] – Address fields on Payment form misleading to UK coaches.
  • [RCS-600] – Health benchmark not showing on client dashboard when looking as coach and client.

New Features

  • [RCS-428] – As an App user I want API to be rectified so that we can minimize bug
  • [RCS-484] – As an App user, I want an option of camera when the App gives option to upload the image, so that I can take live picture and upload
  • [RCS-505] – Fix warning in auto layout in all Views
  • [RCS-528] – As a coach, I want to share my tribe session with my clients so that they can enroll
  • [RCS-544] – As an Admin, I want to create general link for the plan so that anybody can make payment from the link
  • [RCS-548] – As a client, i want to know more about the subscription i’ve will pay or post pay, so that it is more friendly experience
  • [RCS-557] – As a new coach, i want instructions for next steps after payment so that i can get started with Remote Coach app
  • [RCS-561] – Optimization API to reduce some Size

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