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5 Ways to Get Your Community Engaged!

Written by Ben Camara on 12th May 2022.

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The number one thing all community managers, builders and leaders know is that you can’t launch an online community without giving it the love and attention it needs. Everyday. 

It takes as much attention as a relationship. Think of it as the boyfriend you never knew you had. In this blog post we share some community engagement ideas to help you engage with your community and how to get your clients engaged with each other. 

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Audience Spotlight – Monthly or Weekly 

A shout out to your most engaged members either each month or week can motivate your community and prove the success of your brand or product. Your community, especially those who are fully involved will feel rewarded for a shout out and recognition. 


Who Doesn’t Love Some Friendly Competition 

One of the most rewarding ways to get your community involved is through competition. This can come in many forms such as community referrals, giveaways, trivia and more. Online competitions are organically interactive and get your community engaged. Make it easy for them to engage in the competition and watch the interactions grow. 


Focus On The Lost Ones 

Every community has those members who are always there but never seen or heard. This doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable compared to other, more engaged members. They just might need a little push to be more involved in the community. Reach out to them directly through re-engagements campaigns. It will be easier to re-engage a member than to find a new member. Remember, interaction is key. The more you interact with your community the more you’ll get back. 


Be Nice To The New Kids 

Always make sure new members feel welcomed and appreciated when they join your community. Introduce them to other members on similar paths and suggest content they would like.  A great way to do this is to create a group for new members in the same month and suggest they compare progress to help motivate one another. Make it clear from the start how community members can communicate and make connections with one another to ensure they understand the inclusiveness of your community. 



Questions Get The People Going

Use social media to ask your community questions to generate a discussion. Make sure they are relevant to your audience to ensure they interact with the question. This could be on a live stream, story or TikTok. Take time to communicate with your audience to fully understand what’s relevant to them. And always follow up with the answers. A great way to start a conversation with your community and between your members. 

Community management can be overwhelming and a lot of work. Create a schedule for each day to ensure you follow a strategy and don’t get overwhelmed and lose touch with your community members. But remember it’s worth the time and energy. The more you put into your community, the more you’ll get out. 

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