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Remote Coach is trusted by close to 1,500 trainers and fitness professionals. Our live in session experience was voted the professionals choice, if you’re still using Zoom then welcome to the future.

We set this platform up with the sole intention of connecting you the trainer with clients who have registered and needing help with fitness, health coaching and nutrition guidance.

This page is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t train clients online or desire to.
  • Are not qualified as a fitness trainer, coach or therapist.
  • Do not want to contribute to the community with feedback.


How does it work – If you are selected

  • You will be introduced to clients.
  • The client is yours (We do not manage any part of the relationship)
  • All sessions are done through the Remote Coach App
  • You will have unlimited access to the Remote Coach App for £17.99 not the usual £39.99


Why Claim? You concentrate on training the clients, we’ll do the rest!

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6,500 Sessions have been serviced.


Close to 1,500 fitness professionals have claimed their profile and joined the RC Movement.



The RC Team

Personal Trainer from Vancouver

50% of my clients now train with me through virtual sessions.


Amie Barlow, Trainer

Personal Trainer from Wales

I've built my business on Remote Coach.


Dan Lawrence, S&C Coach

Strength Coach from London

I need data feedback to train my clients, Remote Coach gives me that.

IMG-20200323-WA0007 (1)

Jem Bosworth, Trainer

Personal Trainer from Cork

I needed one platform to do everything, from payments to the live sessions.

Kemo Marriott, Bangkok, Calisthenics Coach

I'm here to be part of the community!

Danielle Peazer, London Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

I loved the app, and also love the continuous education.

Mark Hallam, Melbourne, Health Coach & Trainer

I moved to Australia from London, and kept 80% of my clients

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