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How quickly can I launch my own branded app?

As soon as we have all your assets (logo, images and videos), it will usually take 3-4 weeks with testing to get you launched into the app store.

We’re working hard to get this down, If you’re looking to launch earlier Start Now to get the process going!

What is the difference between Remote Coach App and a Branded Fitness App?

The Remote Coach app is ready for all trainers and coaches who are not ready to launch their own app, with their own branding.

When you’re ready to launch your own branded app to scale your digital business, you’ll want to apply for a ‘Branded fitness App’

What's the difference between a Branded Fitness App and using other 'Build Your Own App' platforms?

Features such as apple watch & FitBit with live health data in sessions show you that here at Remote Coach, we are entirely focused on fitness, and ensuring your clients have the very best experience.

We don’t believe in just having the base functionality of live stream and or uploading a PDF cut it, we’re fitness professionals just like you and so are continuously working towards better ‘fitness-related’ features.

What do you need from me?

We’ll need photos and images of you to launch. Don’t worry though as we’ll get you booked in with one of the RC photographers to get these done in no time!

Can I link my Branded Fitness App to my website?

Yes you can. When launching your branded fitness app you’ll get not only an iOS and Android app, but also a web app as well-meaning you can (if wanted) replace your home page.

What features can I choose from?

To find out more about features click the link and fill in our Features List form