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How going digital can help take your client base global

Written by Ben Camara on 20th September 2022.


Digital is the new norm. Everything we used to know is somehow now digital or has a digital version. Want to do your weekly grocery shop? Sure, walk down to your local, or open your laptop. Want a trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, go to their studio or open an app. Having an online presence is essential to finding your audience and growing your community. But having a digital product is the true winner. Below I discuss how going digital can help you go global and why everyone should be doing this. 


The Demand for Digital 

The digital world allows us to connect with more people than ever before. These connections and interactions are essential to many in this day and age. We subconsciously go on our phones to see what others are doing, communicate and consume information. 


This is no different when it comes to exercise. Learning from digital platforms, working out with friends and tracking goals are just some of the reasons so many have gone digital when it comes to exercise. Digital has made many mundane things now fun. Competing against friends, showing off your progress and just enjoying the process. Digital life is basically a game. 

Digital Makes Life Easier 

As I mentioned above, digital fitness can be like a game. But there are other advantages to going digital apart from fun. Well, it can at least give you more time to have fun. Going digital gets rid of a huge amount of admin. The perks such as automatic schedule and organization, ease of reviews and ratings, measuring results and categorizing and storing your pre recorded content are just a few of the time saving elements. 


Investing in the right digital technologies is essential for operational excellence for your business. Having everything in one place can allow you to reach full potential and grow your community globally. Because after all, going digital means going global 😍


How to Delve into Digital (it’s easy!) 

Managing a business whilst coaching clients and creating content can be challenging to say the least. Give yourself a break and let Remote Coach deal with the digital admin and fees. Through Remote Coach you can offer personal training services, online coaching, create an online community and more. We deal with all the tech stuff and don’t even charge a fee. If you succeed, we succeed. ❤️