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How Much To Charge for Online Personal Training?

Written by Ben Camara on 8th July 2020.


One thing is clear; the interest in “Personal Trainer Near Me” Is rising. According to TRENDS, searches for trainers keep growing at a steady rate. Another good reason for us fitness professionals to think we’re still at the beginning of the demand or at least a new engaged demand?

Kinesiology and exercise science has been the fastest-growing major for junior colleges and four-year colleges since 2010, according to a Chronicle of higher education analysis. All great knowledge basis to enter the world of online personal training.

Fitness plays a vital role in helping individuals spend a full and fun life. The general public has started to have a keen interest in gyms (last year having the highest amount of gym members ever) and personal trainers as they seek more education and guidance. We, personal trainers ideally should have a thorough understanding of the nature and personality of the individual to create a workout regime tailored for the person you will soon be called ‘client’.

We as the trainers should be getting paid for of course our time, but also the result.

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This leads us to the main topic of this article. How much does a personal trainer charge? And more importantly how much should you be charging?

First and foremost we need to understand that personal trainer in a gym and the business of online personal training are two very separate things.

There are so many factors that need to be considered when choosing the best pricing for your PT business— especially when you bring your business online.

This is possibly one of the top three questions that we get from a lot of trainers that are starting to develop a more sustainable lifestyle – working as a PT is not easy, long days, and dedication to the industry, often underestimated.


The question is first and foremost is how much would you like to be earning per month? The second question is, how much time and effort are you willing to put in to gain this monthly income from taking on online clients?

By going online, you have decided to take business globally, and with this brings a much larger client base of course but does this mean you’ll be charging the same as you do 1-2-1 face to face? The reality is that if you are in a cosmopolitan city like London as where I am, face-to-face still does have huge value and per session price can range anything from £55 to £170 per hour.  If you still enjoy some hours on the gym floor, don’t lose the top-paying clients just yet.

Most PT’s think there is this straightforward progression to becoming an online personal trainer and training your clients online and suddenly making millions of pounds, if only it was that easy.


Break it down and work out what you are offering. If you are offering a program that someone covers and does themselves and the program consists of saying for three example exercise sessions per week and you are doing a quick check-in with them once per week then charge accordingly per hour – You’ve created the product and this is now a product you’re going to continuously sell so sell it cheap and stack them high!

Here is an equation put together for you to easily work things out. If the number that you get comes out extremely high, then ask the question will the clients pay this? If yes then great, but if not then are you prepared to work for less per hour, because in some equations it might be the case.

Personal Training you could look as it is has price driven by many factors. Limited time to train clients, commission or gym rent to pay and of course the competition.

But what if you could work in off peak time, bundle a couple of clients together, and not pay any commission or gym rent? Do you have the capability? Do you need to charge the same as face to face? Remember though you ‘not become dumber over night’ so don’t feel like you should be offering all the bells and whistles for next to nothing.

Now, here are my quick tips.

First, create three packages, and create packages that you are comfortable servicing and show that there is a clear difference between the packages. Be clear on the time allocated, especially the time you commit to them. Don’t be selling a super cheap package but then offering your premium offering!

Secondly, make sure you agreed on expectations with your clients. How are you communicating with them? is it going to be through email, WhatsApp, through the Remote Coach app etc. So agree on those expectations from the beginning.

Lastly, make sure the client understands your boundaries. You are a human being, you have your own life. So if you don’t take messages past 7 pm during the week and you don’t work on Sundays, you need to communicate that.

And most importantly, don’t feel the pressure to price-match your competitors. You are selling something unique: and that is your dedication to your craft and your passion to see the progress with all your online personal training clients.

Still not sure where to start then let us help, we can go through this with you, like we have with many trainers before you.

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