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How to create a sales process for your online clients.

Written by Ben Camara on 10th October 2020.

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 Creating a sales process from scratch isn’t as hard as it sounds! You’re most likely operating on a system for your clients already, the purpose of the sales process is to clarify and refine how you sell to them. Here are some easy ways to get started on your sales process. 

What is a sales process?

A sales process is the set of repeatable steps you can do in order to convert potential clients into paying customers. It is necessary for you to have a sales process because it will serve as a reference for you whenever you get a new prospect. 

A sales process should be:

Additionally, a sales process can be visually represented using a graph, a flowchart or a checklist. This way, the rest of your team can reference it, making less room for sales mistakes. 

Without further ado, here’s how you can create a sales process from scratch for your online training business. 

Ask yourself: what are you currently doing?

If you already have a couple of clients, recall the time when you got your client on board. Making a sales process doesn’t mean having to completely redo what you’re already doing. It’s simply improving and defining them. There are several things you can ask yourself, and these questions will clear up a lot of the tasks you need to do. 

  1. What was the first thing you did when you were connecting with a potential client? 
  2. Where did you find the prospect? Which social media site was it? 
  3. What information, documents and files did the client ask for before proceeding? 
  4. What was the last thing the client did or asked you to before officially making the purchase? 
  5. If the lead was lost, what were the causes that could have contributed to them pulling out? 

Prepare. Research. Assess. Repeat. 

Because the online personal training industry is growing fast and steady, you should always be on the top of your game. Before connecting with any prospects, prepare yourself by researching what it is your competitors are already doing. At the same time, you should also put yourself in your client’s shoes, identifying what they would expect from you as their coach. 

Once you’ve landed a lead, be sure to assess if you are the right person to give them what they’re looking for. Make sure that they need what it is you’re selling.

Before closing a deal, you should…

Answer all questions and objections from your prospect clearly and politely. You should be able to make sure that they understand what it is you offer them, the results they will get from you. Essentially, make it clear to them what they are paying for. 

Keep your customers in mind 

Satisfying your customer should be the focus of your sales process. The sales process goes two ways: it makes it easier for you and your client to transact with each other. 

If working with you is easy even before the purchase, clients are going to be happy connecting with you throughout the entire process. It will provide long term value and relationships that will lessen the chances of a client dropping out. Trust each other from the start so that they stick with you in the long run.