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How to Elevate your Career as a Fitness Content Creator 

Written by Ben Camara on 14th November 2022.


Being a content creator is all fun and games (well, mostly) until you need to start paying your bills. Taking the leap and making it your full time job is a risky but exciting step. Below i discuss some ways to help you elevate your career as a fitness content creator, from saving time to saving money, i got your back 👊


🔥Elevating Your Content 🔥

When it comes to content creation, it’s all about making your life easier. This can come in the form of editing, scheduling and planning tools. Editing has the power to take your content from boring to captivating, from awkward to entertaining. However you feel your recording time went, don’t stress. You have the power to turn it into successful content. Video editing tools we recommend include Canva (a classic but even the free version is great for templates and doesn’t require any experience). I also recommend FlexClip for dynamic online video editing with loads of fun and creative suggestions for your content.  


💸Own Your Content 💸

The growth of the creator economy has enabled content creators to make money from their content. Understanding the best way for you to monetize your content whilst maintaining your brand values and appealing to your current audience is essential. Below I share a few ways in which you could monetize your content to help elevate your career. 


Paid / sponsored content 

Sponsored or branded content is a great direct way to earn revenue. Collaborating with brands that align with your content can ensure that although it’s sponsored content, your audience is still interested and engaged. 


Sell Products Affiliate marketing

With affiliate links in your content, you can generate revenue from the amount of sales you influence. A trick with this is to link to products you know your audience will genuinely be interested in. the possibilities of how many clicks you can get are endless. You basically become a brand ambassador and can promote these products as much or as little as you’d like.


Subscription / membership content 

Depending on the nature of your content, subscriptions could be the best way to create revenue from your content. When it comes to fitness content, offering your community access to your content online is essential for maintaining and growing this community. It’s easy to grow your own app with your content, find out more here. Another option is to have premium content on your app. This will allow more of your community to be involved through your app but give some access to paid premium content. 


🤳How Remote Coach Can Help Elevate Your Business

At Remote Coach we basically take all the hassle out of going digital. Your brand is authentic and that’s what keeps your community involved, so we know how important it is to maintain that authenticity whilst growing your community. Build deeper authentic connections with your community through live interactive workouts, and grow a digital fitness business with live and on demand virtual coaching. When you go digital, the options are limitless. Learn more about how easy it is for you to take the next step to elevate your career.