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How To Get Engagements From Social Media

Written by Ben Camara on 5th April 2022.


Social media success isn’t just about content. Engagements are the star of the show, the not so  big secret to achieving success in the wild world of social media. Engagements are the total likes, comments and shares content receives. Depending on what platform you use, there are different ways to increase and maintain these engagements. Below we will explore how to get engagements from the overcrowded world of social media. 

Be A Person Not A Profile 

Having a personality behind the content is essential to increasing engagements. Reply to Dms, comments and interact with your followers. Staying on top of these allows you to maintain conversations with your followers. This also includes having a consistent tone of voice. Create a tone of voice that’s genuine and engaging. It humanises your profile and brand which is essential to creating relationships with your audience. Aim for a friendly tone with simple vocabulary and adding a few emojis and Giffs never hurt no one. 😎

Consistency Is Key 

When it comes to upping your social media game, the first thing to know is consistency is essential. The more you post the more opportunities you have to go viral, for your content to reach a bigger audience and increase engagements. Consistency with social media helps you stay at the top of your followers minds and feed. The algorithms will be on your side if you’re consistent with your posting and activity on the apps. If consistency is a struggle for you, try scheduling tools. Later and Hootsuit are popular choices, but there are many more out there. 

Assess The Situation 

Choose an engagement rate which you want to achieve each week/month. Having something to aim for allows you to stay on track. When measured well, engagement rates can give you huge insights into your audiences behaviours. Giving you insight into which styles of content they react to and when they’re on the app. Acing your engagement strategy allows you to retain your audience and customers. Anything that leads to retention is worth the time and energy. Once you figure out what engages your audiences, the more likely they are to stick around. 


Make Your Social Media Engagements Strategy Your Baby 

Having a strategy for everything seems to be the norm nowadays. But it’s for a reason. Strategies allow you to have direction and focus. In a social media strategy your goals are the hot topic. One of these goals/metrics should be engagements. It will help you maintain a certain level of engagement and understand your audience’s behaviours. Stay up to date with your analytics to see which content does well and which audience group reacts with them. This information is only useful and powerful if you use it. 


Make the time you spend on social media worth it by interacting with your followers and being consistent. Use tools to help you schedule and post. And don’t ignore your analytics, they’re your boring best friend you never knew you needed!