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How to get PT Clients on Facebook 

Written by Ben Camara on 24th August 2020.

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On average, a Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. That may not seem like a big number, but it definitely gives an advantage to people who pay for ads on Facebook. If you’re a little tight on your budget, here are some quick ways to utilise Facebook and get new clients without paying for ads.

Facebook ads

Don’t get us wrong. Facebook ads are very helpful in increasing your online reach. In 2019, ad impressions increased by 33%. However, putting up Facebook ads isn’t the only way to get leads on Facebook. Here are some great tips to use Facebook for attracting more clients. 

Don’t sell. Build.

One of the biggest mistakes in ad campaigns is that we forget to realise that when people are on Facebook, they aren’t so much trying to look for a product, instead they’re looking at pictures of family reunions. So when they see an ad that’s trying to sell, they tend to scroll past it thinking it’s not what they’re looking for right now. The best thing to do in social media is not to oversell your service, instead, build relationships with your audience that will eventually hire you or refer others to you. Be creative and integrate with other solutions such as On-demand fitness offerings.

Join FB groups in your niche

Find the groups relevant to your training business. Make sure to join general groups on fitness training, as well as those specific to the program you offer.

However, don’t just go out and join every possible group you see. Make sure to join those where you can actively participate in. Joining too many groups too fast can get overwhelming, and won’t really amount to anything if you aren’t engaging with any of the people on there.

Be active on Facebook

Once you’re already a member of dedicated Facebook groups, be sure to commit to these groups and your Facebook page. If you have other social media, make sure to connect it to your FB page and share your content on there as well.

A good tip is to have your employees list your business’ Facebook page on top of their Facebook’s employment record. This builds a great networking system especially when they comment or engage in any Facebook content.

Post meaningful content

A Facebook user is constantly bombarded with little bits of information. It’s your goal to provide them with content that is useful by sharing your knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry.

You can answer questions on Facebook through comments, and subtly pitch your services afterwards. You can also share your blog posts on your page, or other helpful content you stumbled across online.

Engage with current clients on Facebook

You can ask your current customers to post their photos of themselves on Facebook tagging your Facebook page. This can be a great way to feature your customers, share their improvement, and advertise your own services. You can even use these feedbacks as your content. We call this “user generated content”. Who doesn’t love client’s feedback?! It’s a living testimony on how effective you are as a personal trainer.

Testimonial-types of content is really useful, and they come for free! All you need are satisfied clients who are willing to recommend you. 

Stop like-baiting

New Facebook algorithm buries posts that directly ask users to “like, share or comment” written on it. This isn’t a setback but an opportunity to get more creative on your Facebook posts! Verge away from these words as Facebook will most like limit your reach.