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How to keep clients engaged and motivated to continue online training

Written by Ben Camara on 19th September 2020.

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By now, you should know that your job isn’t just creating workout programs. It’s also keeping your clients engaged and motivated to continue their online training. Although losing some clients is inevitable, it’s best to create a strategy that will keep them interested for the long run. Here’s some tips to make sure your clients remain healthy and motivated! 

Create the AGREED communication channel

I speak about this alot when it comes to communication and setting boundaries with clients (time you’re free and on call) and deciding on how you communicate may seem an obvious thing, but trust me when starting to work with clients from all over the world something obvious to you and your friends may not be the same. 


Here are some usual channels and the pro’s and con’s of adding them as your communication channel.



It may seem that the whole world is on Whatsapp and it is starting to get that way, note that if you are working as a trainer based in Europe and training a client in the USA then don’t be surprised that your client isn’t using it.

Pros: Easy access and very easy to continuously share all information and answer questions.


Cons: Clients will always have visibility of whether you are online, they will also expect answers to questions asap.


My professional Tip: 

If using Whatsapp then look at perhaps a second work handset which ensures you truly do switch off from work when not ‘on call’ or do explain from the beginning of their journey that this is also your personal phone and that your times of work will be Xam to Ypm and all client channels are muted accordingly.


We want to be there for our clients all the time, but ensure you have time for yourself.


What seemed to be incredibly quick communication a few years ago now seems like sending a pigeon when it comes to perhaps offering email as a communication channel. I have found how ever that when asking clients to choose some will infact choose email, allowing them also to switch off.

Pros: Great to get your full message accross, capable to send large attachments and save all correspondence easily.


Cons: If demanding this, clients may be put off the fact that their is no ‘instant’ communication channel.


 A Specialised Trainer App (Example Remote Coach)

Having a specific platform for all your business needs of course can help, it’s a home for where all your training and coaching takes place.


As platforms and app develop the capability to structure communication is also going to be hugely helpful to keep clients motivated. The Remote Coach app through Ai will soon able to help you create your very own personalised live chat for example.


Pros: You don’t need a second handset such as the Whatsapp Tip, and also have the capability to have all of your trainers details and programs in one place.


Cons: Not all clients will want to download and app, and may also want your direct details such as number or email.


Reach out to them 

By regularly reaching out to your clients, you are reminding them that you take their fitness and health seriously. And as a result, they will feel the same way about themselves. Of course the main aim is also to be sure that the information or the checkin has not only the aspect of showing that you care but also that you’re continuing your coaching around the SMART Goals that you have created. 

You can create a schedule for your client list on which days you will have to contact them. You can opt to message them personally, and set a time for you to chat with them. However, calling them, via phone or video call, is an even better way to create a personalised experience with you as their trainer. A call makes it easy for them to listen and see you as an expert.


Either way, make sure you ask them how their training is going. What they like/didn’t like about it, if they achieved any milestones for that week, or just ask them how they’re doing!


Create fun challenges

One great way to boost motivation is to incentivise their training. You can create bi-weekly or monthly challenges with creative prizes for your clients! 


Your challenges can range from competitions (who can do the most reps?), or a photo contest of the healthiest meal. You can also create small tasks for your clients like drink at least 5 full cups of water for 1 month, or walk to work for a week. 


Make sure to keep the prizes exciting! You can give winners a discount to their monthly training fees, or opt for custom merchandise like promotional t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, bags, anything you can think of! 


Build an online community of support

When everything’s done online, it can be very easy for your clients to lose track of progress. If no one is there to support them on their journey, it’s likely for them not to continue. 


You can create a Facebook group with all your clients in it so they can welcome each other into the fitness community. They can share their achievements here, give each other words of encouragement, and you can post information for everyone’s convenience. 


Even with a group, don’t forget to personally contact them. Show appreciation for the progress your clients are doing, but also don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback on what they can do better. You should also keep track of their progress and show them graphs with measurable data on their accomplishments. You can use a fitness training program software for this.  


Keeping your clients engaged and motivated is all about building strong relationships. A client isn’t just looking for a structured training program, they’re looking for someone to trust and be open with, someone will guide them through their fitness and health journey without judgement. At the end of it all, you should be that person for your client.