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How to make the most of the new year as a fitness influencer.

Written by Ben Camara on 11th January 2023.


At the start of each year many people begin a challenge to better themselves in some way. 40-45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year, and 46% of them who make resolutions keep them  for more than half a year. This is a lot of people who stay motivated for several months. But when it comes to fitness resolutions a lot are in need of a personal trainer to help them stay motivated. It’s important for fitness influencers who want to get a piece of this cake to prepare in advance. In this week’s blog we discuss how fitness influencers can make the most of the new year in 2023. 


What are you offering

Whether it’s workout plans, free video content, online or in person coaching or meal plans, being the most informed person about a certain subject will give you the upper hand in this saturated market. My advice will be to create a plan in november/December with every element thought out. The earlier you prepare for the new year, the easier and less overwhelming it will be. Even if you can get a huge follower push or new clients before christmas and help them prep for the new year before it even comes. 

Attract new followers and customers 

Depending on what your offering is, knowing exactly how you’re going to convert new followers or customers is essential. Maybe a limited time offer, a giveaway or competition. Many will decide on their new year’s resolutions even before christmas, so putting enough content out there around this time will help you be at the top of their mind. 


But how do you keep your followers and clients engaged? 

Although in January many are up for the new year challenge and change, many don’t even make it to february. Research has found that 43% of people expect to give up their new year’s resolution by February time. One way you can help your followers and clients stay motivated  is personal engagement. By this I mean constantly replying to comments, DMS, from followers and having weekly catch ups with your clients. Being a personal friend and support to them will help them stick with the plan. Another way to ensure your clients stay motivated is offering a bundle of sessions that they pay for all at once at the beginning of their journey. For example, pay now and get 10 sessions for the price of 8. Because they’ve paid for around 2 months of sessions they’re less likely to drop out before february. 

Create a plan or challenge and stay on top of trends


A plan or challenge specific for your new year followers and clients is a great idea! This ensures they all have structure to help them stay motivated and it keeps it exciting. There will be a lot of new trends around the new year, so I suggest staying on top of these as it will keep your content exciting and relevant, and even help get your name out there to new followers or clients. 




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