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How We Can Help YOU Launch Your Own App, Powered By Remote Coach

Written by Ben Camara on 6th July 2022.


If you have fitness or beauty content and want to grow your digital business and audience then you’re in the right place. Remote Coach specialises in launching content and community-driven apps. You give us your content and branding and we’ll do all the hard work. It’s as easy as that. Above you’ll see our new product upgrade, enabling you to launch your app in minutes not months with our self-serve branded app builder.

What Do You Need To Do? 

To get to the point, Remote Coach is here to power fitness & beauty coaches who are looking to continue to help their communities. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing subscriber base, if you’re thinking of how you can grow your subscription business, you’re already ahead of 99% of your competition. We’ll manage all on the technology side! 💯  With our Webapp solution you can launch your branded platform to live stream, chat to your community and start serving them in minutes not months! If you’re looking a native app on the AppStore, as soon as we have all your assets such as logo, videos and images, it will take us approximately 7-10 days to get you launched onto the App Store. We’re working to get this down, but we don’t cut corners and want your app to run as smoothly as possible. 


Why Remote Coach? 

Our extensive background in fitness helps us create and continue to develop the best apps for trainers and their clients. We understand what you AND your customers want. Our founder Ben has owned and operated gyms for nearly 15 years and even won men’s trainer of the year. So when we say we get it, we really mean it. 


What Do You Get With The Launch?

We’ll give you an IOS and Android App, and a web app where you can link and include your new branded fitness app 🙌

You’re very app on the AppStore.


And The Best Bit…You Pay Nothing 

Apps can cost a serious amount, and take a lot of work. We’re here to help you focus on what you’re good at and what you love. Google states that it costs $300k for a complex app, but our fee is only $40 per month and 20% of the revenue so the talent makes 80% with no further technology cost. 


Look at it as a mutually beneficial partnership. When you win, we win. So we always want your app to be the best it can be. 

For more info check out our FAQ page and if you’re ready to make the next step for your fitness brand click here 💪

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