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Integrating Remote Coaching With On-demand Fitness

Written by Lauren Shroyer on 17th August 2020.

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As a business owner, evaluating trends and competItion is an ongoing practice. As the waves of changes are affecting the fitness industry, we should see a spike in innovation as businesses strive to take advantage of untapped space. Expand your business services to ensure that you are one of the leading innovators. 


Prior to the COVID-19 related shut-downs, on-demand fitness equipment, like Pelaton and The Mirror, began to trend. Though these companies haven’t released their exact sales numbers, in early April, NordicTrac reported a one month increase of 200% of their interactive fitness equipment sales and iFit (the on-demand streaming service for NordicTrac and other equipment sellers) reported a usage increase 250% and 300% in Italy and China respectively during their early stage shut-downs.


These high priced equipment options have become of interest to a wider group of consumers as they make the decision to cancel their gym memberships and spend a year of dues on their new equipment. This demographic of customers is the same group who tends to invest in their fitness overall, and to remain competitive as business, you need to demonstrate the value of your services as an integration between on-demand equipment and your online fitness coaching business.

Offer what they can’t do

On-demand services lack the personal aspect that personal training and coaching can provide. Random selections of on-demand workouts by a favorite instructor, length of session, or “intensity” do not make a programming plan. Instead, in two paragraphs or less (bonus points for easy to understand pictures), explain your system of variability training and how you will help them use their expensive equipment and service package for maximum utilization and results. Not only does good program design require variability and variety of exercise for overall good health, people crave a novel experience to maintain interest and motivation. Give them a taste of what your workout programs will bring to their routine. Create a sample week or 10 day cycle of variability – cardio, strength, agility, mobility, recovery.


Create monthly packages

Create service packages that promise essential variability for health and enjoyment. Creating a tiered package of three rates allows customers to choose from a price point and service need that fits their budget and lifestyle. A sample package could look like the one below. (For more information about how to charge for online training check out our podcast with John Sinclair and our article How Much to Charge for Online Training.)

Upskill yourself to integrate your service

The packages described above positions you as the expert in selecting the right workout program for the right day. As a programmer, clients are hiring your expertise in cardiovascular, muscular, and recovery training and variability. As a coach, they are hiring your skill in accountability and motivation. They are expecting this service to be a smooth and integrated experience. Run these services through personal trainer software like Remote Coach to provide an upscale customer experience.


As an expert programmer, you’ll want to upskill your knowledge of on-demand equipment and services to ensure that you provide programs that fit your clients’ needs. You’ll also want to upskill on heart rate and health data coaching to ensure you are leading the field in coaching clients through connected data tracking.


As a coach, continue to deepen your knowledge and challenge your skill in goal setting and behavior change coaching. It is this very relationship that artificial intelligence can never replicate and the value you will always provide. 


From May – July of 2020, sales on in-home gym equipment sales have soared. A study by has reported a 170% increase in at-home equipment sales, with the bulk of these being smaller equipment like dumbbells and medicine balls. People have shed their gym memberships and are trying to make at-home workouts work for them. Begin to think of yourself as a professional coach of your clients’ wellness plan. Remove the limiting construct of hourly sessions and you’ll grow your client base and annual revenue as your services appeal to a broader population and rates reflect your expertise more than they do the hours in your day.



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