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Why Newsletters are back in the ‘must haves’ for your marketing campaign.

Written by Ben Camara on 12th October 2020.

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We’re all familiar with the newsletter. Once upon a time, it was one of the very first online ads. Nowadays, newsletters can seem like a nuisance, especially since they’re usually the culprit for a messy inbox. But here me out, newsletters are coming back, and here’s why. 


Why newsletters are important

Newsletters might sound outdated, but they are one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your clients in the loop of your business. The purpose of the newsletter is for you to directly send relevant, timely and engaging updates about your business via email. 


These updates include product promos, new releases, exclusive deals and discounts, and some general announcements that you think your clients and prospects need to know. This allows you to stay relevant in the customer’s line of sight. 

Why newsletters are a ‘must have’ 

They’re personalised 


Unlike paying for ads on social media, an email can be targeted to a specific customer or demographic at any given time. You can choose to create templates for different demographics, depending on how large your customer base is. Say for example, an email that you send out to clients or prospects in their 20s might look slightly different than to the email you send to those in their 50s. 


Alternatively, you can also opt to address your client directly in every email. Include their name in every greeting and heading, as they are more likely to open an email with a “Hi, Isabela!” instead of just a “Hi, customer!” 


Reminds them you’re the expert


If you are already creating relevant and engaging content on your website blogs, you can mirror and share these posts via email. It’s one way to remind them that you have some valuable information to provide them, and that you are providing it regularly. 


Furthermore, this would increase trust in you as a business. People trust experts, and people are more likely to purchase from you if they know they can come to you for related problems. 


Increases web traffic

Every time you send out newsletters, you will be able to link your website pages based on the information you send out. If your newsletter was about an exclusive discount, make sure to add a link that directs them to a page where they can purchase the item. Do the same for any update you give your clients and prospects. It increases the chance of people getting on your site and seeing what you have to offer. 


Connect with more prospects 

If your website has an easy-to-see “subscribe to our newsletter” pop up, more people will be enticed to join your newsletter. The more people on your mailing list, the more people are informed about your business. 


Additionally, be sure to provide them a hard-to-deny incentive about joining your newsletter. Tell them straight up the benefits they’re going to get if they subscribe for the first time, maybe a free ebook, a discount for a certain time on your site? Either way, make sure each newsletter will provide useful information to your audience, avoiding clickbait and misleading messages.