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The 5 Elements Of A Great App Landing Page

Written by Ben Camara on 4th August 2022.


Launching your own app is only one piece of the puzzle. Here’s our

1. Useful App Visual Content

Although the look and content on your landing page is extremely important. One aspect you can’t miss out on is the imagery. Having eye-catching images of your app’s content will give your audience an inside look into your product. As they say, a picture speaks 1000 words. Having good images will help you keep your headings and other content short and simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with information, yet still, give them enough to sell them your app.

2. Keep The Headlines Short And Sweet

It’s common knowledge that when someone’s searching online, they don’t have much of an attention span. Your headlines on your landing page are essential to keep your audience interested and informed. Keep your headlines interesting, yet to the point. Puns and sayings may sound good but ultimately you want your audience to know exactly what your trying to say. 


3. Make It Memorable

What’s the point of putting in all this effort to an app and landing page if no one can recognise it? This is where branding comes in. This includes; fonts, design, colour and wording. If you have a colour that’s a main part of your branding, use it A LOT. Make sure its incorporated in your social media pages, advertisements, landing page and any other content you share to the world.

4. Call To Action

The whole point of a landing page is to have a call to action. You don’t want your audience reading all your content and then not knowing what to do next. Have a persuasive, clear and easy call to action, this can be a click button do the download link, your social media pages or another useful page on your website. 



5. Above All, Keep It Concise

Let’s be honest, too much text can be intimidating and boring. Once you do the job of catching your audience’s attention, its time to reel them in with interesting but short content. Keep in mind that the deeper your reader gets the more information they should receive. So to start it off, keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind your target audience and their demographic. If a picture would be more appealing to your audience, then go wild. But don’t overwhelm them with information.

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