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Top 5 Personal Trainer Education Courses

Written by Ben Camara on 24th July 2020.


If you’re planning on starting a career in personal training then firstly, big thumbs up as you’re a community that is not only focussed on helping others get fit and healthy but also an industry that is booming year on year. If however you’re wondering, “where do I start?” Or you’re already helping a couple of friends here and there on their fitness goals, and you want to start getting paid, there’s some information you’ll need to dive into to get a little more insight on what’s the best option to get started. Or maybe you already have some loyal clients, but you want to elevate your training knowledge so you can do more for them and further your knowledge to become a better coach, either way this blog is going to cover all of this. 


Personal trainer education courses train you on new developments, researches and techniques in the fitness world, and provide specialized education across different topics, like youth fitness, strength training, and recreation sports, as well as like most people joining a gym the best practise to get fitter, lose weight and increase well being.  The great news is they’re all available on the web! Some courses will even include related fields like nutrition practices, client interaction, and the best personal trainer courses have started adding business set-up & marketing! By enrolling in personal trainer education courses, you can also connect with and create a network with other trainers, which is very helpful for referrals and marketability in the future as you grow your PT business.

Apart from becoming a more efficient, knowledgeable, and well-connected trainer, personal trainer education courses also get you certified, and this is hugely important not only when you’re starting out but also with continued fitness education. 

Certification is a crucial thing to have nowadays when it comes to being a personal trainer because this field is in high demand and highly unregulated  – which means there is a lot of competition. 

A certification isn’t just a piece of paper to prove you completed a such-and-such course, it gives you credibility as a trainer, it provides validation that you have skills needed for quality work, it gives you the internal confidence that you need for professional development, and it also provides status that elevates your against competitors. And last but not least, you increase your value in the market! Trainers who have the right credentials are more likely to be trusted by their clients in the long-term, and it doesn’t hurt to know that clients are willing to pay more if they know they can get more value out of you! 

So whether you’re starting a personal training business, or want to offer more to your clients, here’s a list of the top 5 personal trainer education programs that will elevate your knowledge, credibility and value to your clients, and also to yourself. 


HFE (Health and Fitness Education UK)

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HFE is one of UK’s most popular fitness courses and qualifications companies, they have truly cemented themselves nationally as one of the go to educators within fitness. They specialize in the active leisure sector, providing training classes on Yoga, Pilates, Music Exercise, sports massage, and personal training. Students get access to personal support tutors, hard copy manuals, and the very convenient HFE app. 

Not only do they specialise in the course itself it’s a fantastic place to continue education.

HFE courses include:


No. 1 Fitness Education UK

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The No. 1 Fitness Education program is hugely respected with the vast knowledge the team and founders have. With locations only in London they specialise in educating personal trainers in their No1 Fitness Personal Training Gyms.  Their facilities, services, and training program do give their name justice. They offer e-learning materials through their website and their own app, and they’re one of the few that offer 1 on 1 monitoring. No. 1 Fitness Education will not only guide you with fitness education, but will also help you to engage better with your clients, develop your organisational skills, self-development, body language, and even down to the most technical aspects like methods of recording client progress.


Completing a No. 1 Fitness Education course entitles you to a Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate! Here are two options* you can choose from to fit your schedule.


*No. 1 Fitness has finance options that can allow you to pay through instalments to minimise your monthly outgoings! 



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If you don’t already know about EXOS, they’re one of the few personal trainer programs that provide the widest varieties of online education training courses. They have award-winning facilities, technology, and services, and their programs have helped trainers take their skills to a whole new level. 

EXOS’s priority is to help people take control of their health and performance, so they can achieve what matters most to them. 

Here’s a list of courses and prices offered by EXOS that are worth taking:

  1. $1,130 EXOS Performance Specialist Certification
  2. $570 EXOS Fitness Specialist Certification
  3. $399 EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Framework
  4. $199 Dan Baker’s Advanced Strength and Power


IOM (Institute of Motion)

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The Institute of Motion specializes in applied health and human performance, and they want to make sure that your career and your clients succeed together. Their training program includes the IoM trademarked 4Q Training Model, the 6 Critical Training Themes, coaching practices and learning how to build program templates for efficiency. 

The program costs $499* and entitles you to a  Level 1 Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist certification.

*The IoM has an ongoing promo until July 31, 2020. Register for their program for only $299 now before slots run out!


NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

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NASM is perhaps the most well-respected certification in North America. With excellent feedback  on their OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model, a NASM certificate is a guarantee for trust and credibility. Their corrective exercise training is an excellent choice if you want flexibility with your schedule.

The courses offered include:


And in case you were wondering, the average salary for a NASM Certified personal trainer is $41,000! 

And last, but definitely not least:


Your certification is only as good as the quality of training you provide to your clients. So get certified, work hard, and work hard some more! Give your clients the kind of training that they deserve from you!

Once you’re qualified it’s time to decide how much to charge for online personal training, find how here – CLICK HERE