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What Does the Job Of A Remote Health Coach Look Like?

Written by Ben Camara on 2nd December 2020.

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In a world with more offerings than ever before in the fitness industry, why is it that we see still the rise in physical in activity and obesity?

We’ve got Ai apps that give you workouts, and bikes with flat screen TVs with classes when ever we want them.

What’s missing?

Well the answer could be the ‘when we want’ or what’s packaged nicely up as ‘On-demand’ being the problem. We’ve known for decades the importance of social connection and accountability when it comes to changing of behaviour and although we’ve managed to crack keeping users attention span with algorithms on all your favourite social media platforms, why have we not solved the issue of health, fitness and wellbeing?

Well, of course there are many reasons why on personal levels that people struggle to go from zero to one on their personal fitness journey, and the one key ingredient recent studies have shown is that ’empathy’ above all when it comes to health coaching is the sprinkle of magic that keeps people progressing and consistent. Having a personal goal of changing my body composition or increasing my lung capacity to do more activity coincide whether an emotional reason and reasoning to do so.

So is the answer I hear you ask, we’ve got super computer that can literally do everything?

Everything perhaps accept this one thing – for now!

It may not be a sexy new algorithm but what’s stopping us connecting the dots and promoting the role which we clearly know and understand will make a huge impact to our societies health? The role I am talking about being a Health Coach, and in current times a Remote Health Coach.

To be successful as a Remote Health Coach, you should have an optimistic disposition, good conflict resolution skills, and possess the ability to effectively communicate. Ultimately, a top-notch Remote Health Coach should be committed to improving the health of clients, exhibit good team working skills, and have self-confidence.

Your number one job when looking at taking this on full time is to ensure the clients that you remote health coach get the results they desire.

Unfortunately, actions such as losing weight or giving up cigarettes are not easy and whilst treating conditions such as heart disease or diabetes involves medical attention, working alongside these to help create healthier lifestyle changes also play a significant role when it comes to getting clients on the right track.

Remote Health Coach (also appropriately known as wellness coaches) serve as sources of motivation and knowledge. They work one-to-one with clients over a period of time to implement healthier habits. They monitor the success of specific efforts and suggest new tactics to try if necessary. Their contact helps patients stay accountable and gives them someone to turn to when questions arise, in an ideal world we believe we all should have a coach.

An RHC must also possess strong motivational power and a thorough knowledge of health and fitness aspects and when working with people from all walks of life, similar to a personal training role you may have had, you need to be adaptable. The scope of remote health coach professionals are increasing, because of increasing unhealthy lifestyles and other diseases, the contribution of a remote health coach is being considered more and more useful. If you want to move ahead in your career as a remote health coach, now is a fantastic time to get your feet under the table and start working on the educational piece need to become a coach, remember being a trainer is not the same as being a coach.

Celebration of human connection whether it is only virtual will not only help to educate us all, but will ensure that we continue to keep track on the ever rising tide of health problems that are fixable.

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