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What Is The Best Way To Manage Your Community?

Written by Ben Camara on 4th August 2022.


Growing an engaged community is a win for many of us. Getting there is tough, but once the hard work is done how do you manage it? Focusing on growing your community is essential however managing your already engaged community comes in at number 1. We don’t want to forget about the members already involved as they can become your biggest fans and biggest advocates. Below we explore the best ways to manage your community. 

What Is Community Management 

The first thing to be made clear is that community management is a continuous task. It’s the ongoing process of engaging customers of an online community, whilst maintaining authenticity and value. Managing an engaged online community gives you insight into what your customers want and think about your services/product. The insight is extremely valuable and essential to a business. 


Keep It Real 💯

…and by real I mean live. Going live is a secret weapon to keeping your audience excited. Live content comes across as more authentic and genuine over pre recorded, staged content. Having live content on your app is easy and can even be multiple short videos, either answering questions, doing a quick 10 minute evening workout or showing a recipe you recently posted. 


Keep The Conversation Going  

We all love a little bit of attention. And this is no difference when it comes to your community. If your community comments section is looking a little dry (or even if it isn’t) post questions to get the conversation going. More specifically, ask questions to your community members. Ask for feedback, suggestions and maybe even just how their day was 🙌


Know The Metrics 

Data is power. As boring as it may be, the numbers are the secret to managing success. Choosing the right metrics to monitor can be overwhelming. But when it comes to community management the most common to focus on are engagements, traffic and members. Monitoring these via a platform (see below) can help you manage the success of your online community. As well as show you where you need to focus your attention. 



Keeping ON Track With It All 

A lot can go on within an online community, and let’s be honest it’s impossible for one human to keep track of all its antics 24/7. This is where the wonderful world of technology comes and makes our lives SO much easier. Again. Some of the most popular platforms include Hivebrite or Zapnito


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