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Why A Digital Presence Strategy is Important For A Fitness Trainer & Influencer

Written by Ben Camara on 30th May 2022.

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What Is A Digital Presence?

Digital presence is the combination of all the ways your business shows up online. It’s made up of different elements, depending on your digital presence strategy. These elements include content, email marketing, reviews, website, paid and search advertising and social media of course.

So, What Is A Digital Presence Strategy?It’s really just the tactical way you plan to increase or maintain your businesses online presence. This can be done by focusing on the online aspects you want to thrive in.

Below are elements you should focus on as a fitness trainer & influencer to support the growth of your digital presence strategy.

Become a Pro at SEO
Hacking SEO is one of the best things you can do for your business. Algorithms are constantly changing, so staying on top of this is essential. SEO for your website is based on content. Focus on links (internal and external), keywords and don’t stray from the answers. Your audience visit your website for answers and solutions so make sure your content is giving them the expert advice they’re searching for.

Analyse Data
One of the amazing things about the online world is data. As scary as it may be as a consumer, technology knows everything about us. But as a business owner, this can be a blessing. The opportunity to find out exactly how long your customers spend on your website, what they click on, etc. However, the amount of information you can get can be overwhelming. So focus on a few main metrics that you want to measure each day/week/month and use these to create your online business goals too.

It’s a no brainier, have an ACTIVE social media presence
It’s become the norm for businesses to have a social media presence. If they dont, something seems weird. It’s obvious and I’m sure you have one already. But social media is a great way to show your personality as a trainer and for them to get a taste of the content you produce.

Have a website
Having a user friendly website is essential for a digital presence strategy as a fitness trainer & influencer. Your website will be the first digital asset of yours that your potential new clients see. It’s an opportunity to show them lots of information and push them to find out more. It should have a modern aesthetic and very good user experience. No one likes a confusing, overwhelming and hard to use website. Combined with SEO and analytics, your website could become your most powerful online tool.

Content is KING

Having an online presence is all about showing up online. This comes from searches on Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more. The more content you put out, the more you’ll show up in these searches. To keep on top of the many forms of content you can produce, create a content strategy for each one, and don’t only focus on one. Content is all about getting your brands name out there in as many different ways as possible.


A growing email list will allow you to engage with your current audience. A great way to do this is to offer exclusive content to your email list. You’d get huge insights into what content and topics your audience are into and more information about your audience’s activities once they open your newsletter.

These digital presence strategies can help grow your online presence, increase your reputation and of course brand awareness too. Building an online presence requires a lot of time and focus, but it’s worth it as if done well, it will lead to sales and community growth.