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Why Apple Fitness+ Is Good For Fitness Professionals!

Written by Ben Camara on 22nd October 2020.

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Quote “Our new Peloton Treadmill will replace the gym membership”

John Foley, CEO Peloton.

John, my friend if you’re talking about large rooms with old equipment that people don’t know how to use, then yes I think you’re onto something. If you’re also talking about the fitness professionals that work there then – Hell No!

Many of the Remote Coach training community have expressed fear when looking at the horizon of fitness offerings that are coming out and being delivered to what they call ‘end users’, we of course call them clients.


You can read more on the report here.

Of course tech is coming, in most cases it’s here and as we have spoken about before without embracing the new digital world some of us may get left behind.

But, With more and more emphasis on gimmicky workouts and on demand platforms that are trying to solve the solution of obesity and physical inactivity, I would like to ask, where do we fit in? Where does the fitness professional who drives the fitness industry fit in? John Hanc from the New York Times recently wrote a brilliant article on how fitness professionals had got their entrepreneurial hats on and starting training their clients online.

Ever since the huge boom of bodybuilding under the influence of Arnie and the rest of the gang, personal consumption of fitness has continued to grow. We’ve had DVD’s, online PDF diets and other 6 minute ab quick fixes to solve what truly now is a world problem of obesity and physical inactivity. Did you know that both combined equate to over 10% of global mortality? So not moving enough and eating too much is killing us, and that’s not to mention the mental health implications that are directly linked.

Fit Pro’s have since the dawn of main stream gym powered what the industry is today and in working in most cases up to 50 hours a week, our knowledge and passion is what has created:

I am sure you could add numerous more to the list.

So the question becomes,

What if we concentrated the technology on creating a better tool for the trainers? To enable the trainer to help more people, to work less hours which will enable more of social life for us – we could all do with less 14 hour days right?

Some may say that this is all an opinion and that it’s just technology changing the job space, well again the more the research goes into proving this, the more it’s not true at all.

You see as we already know (which the devs are still finding out) is that in often most cases it isn’t just a set of exercises that get our clients results. It almost always is the connection, the report and as a Danish university has highlighted ‘The Empathy’ that humans need when looking to create a real behaviour change. If you’re interested in reading on the research we’ve left a link at the end of this article.

The world needs more coaches, and if you’re reading this as a coach don’t feel fearful but rather excitement. As Apple, Peloton and The Mirror help to educate our future clients on how we can train on a digital platform, we the fitness professionals will be there to ensure those clients that fell off the horse get back on, and get their results the same way we did when the DVD home workouts were suppose to change the game!

Their focus is of course on data as with all the big technology companies alongside a library of really impressive on-demand sessions. With on-demand not providing one of the biggest coaching factors when it comes to someone being consistent with their training (accountability) it will certainly be interesting to see how the platforms will start to pivot if clients frequency training starts to plateau.


What matters though is what you think?

We shared this conversation with a selected group of trainers yesterday to see what they’re thoughts were on this, 78% of them thought the future was exciting rather than fearful, but now we’d like to hear your thoughts

Leave your comment by clicking the link < Where do you fit In? >

If getting to grip with the new digital world is still something you’re struggling with then carry on reading with these quick guides.


Research mentioned

Determinants of Successful eHealth Coaching for Consumer Lifestyle Changes: Qualitative Interview Study Among Health Care Professionals


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